What Do You Need for Your Kindness Survival Kit?

Survival Kit

What Do You Need for Your Kindness Survival Kit?

During these challenging times I’m reminded of the importance of kindness, love and compassion for humanity.  

It’s an opportunity to reset, slow down, and remind ourselves that showing our neighbors, and community kindness should and can be a common practice.

I understand that this may be difficult when everyone is in crisis. It’s important to remember we must replenish our kindness survival kit daily.

What should you pack in your kindness survival kit?

I am glad you asked!

What do I need for my kindness survival starter kit?

Patience and self-care

Patience for those we have to share this earth and space with daily. We are all on a journey, let’s give each other grace.

Self-care because you cannot pour a cup of kindness without filling your cup with self-compassion, grace and kindness. If you do not take care of yourself, you can’t expect to extend genuine love and compassion to others.

Words (Caution: handle with care)

Be intentional with your words and self-talk. Never underestimate the superpower of your words. They are essential in and on your journey.

They are probably the heaviest thing you will pack.

They can carry healing powers to make your journey light or they can be toxic words that wear you down and make your survival kit heavy to carry.

Choose carefully how you use and unpack this essential piece.


Know that no extension of grace, love and compassion is too small especially to those that are vulnerable during this challenging time. As we pack our kindness survival starter kit let’s also remember those sneaky items that make the kindness survival kit too heavy to carry daily.

Let’s just call them out so if you see them in your kit you unpack them immediately:

  • Hate of Any Kind
  • Lack of Compassion (Indifference)
  • Lack of Grace (Cruelty)
  • Lack of Self Care (Self-Neglect)
  • Negative Self-Talk

Remember during difficult times you may have to pack for the kindness journey daily.

Did you forget to pack an essential item for today’s journey: kindness, self-care or compassion?

Show yourself some grace and make it the first thing you pack for the next journey.  

We are on this journey (adventure) together. What will you pack on your kindness journey today? It is all of our responsibility to make love, kindness and compassion the norm.

Will you join me today? Share your kindness journey today with us.

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