Kindness Survival Kit 2nd Edition-Compassion


I am glad you came back for the 2nd edition of the Kindness Survival Kit!

How is packing your kindness survival kit going? Did you make room in your kit for an extra dose of anything?

Today I’m packing an extra dose of compassion in my kindness survival kit for my journey today.

I consider myself to be an introvert. 
I recharge from the quiet moments and alone time. I enjoy sitting back and listening to a good book. I’ve recently started mediation to practice mindfulness because I really want to learn to be fully present in every aspect of my life.

So, the original notice/ mandate to stay at home order didn’t bother me. As it related to not going out and just being still.

After several weeks I started to see more panic and stress from those who were challenged with this new normal.

I thought about those that are normally not seen or ignored because of the busyness of all of us.

I am thinking about those that can’t find the words to express or tell their story, people that have been abandoned, those individuals in nursing homes, the addict, the spouse or child impacted by abuse, those that feel isolated and left out or forgotten.

Do you know anyone that may feel this type of pain?

Maybe it’s you?

Maybe there is someone I didn’t mention above that pops into your head as you read my list.

If you are like me, I don’t like to see people hurting and have a need and it not be met.

Sometimes I know exactly what to do and sometimes I feel paralyzed by all the needs and not completely sure where I can help. I’ve learned the one place I can start in reaching out and being fully present even if it starts with one person.

Everyone wants to know someone, sees them and cares about them. I believe we all have seeds of hope, love and compassion that we can plant in others.  

My goal is to make everyone I encounter feel seen and cared for, if only for the moment. 

I may plant the seed, but you may come along and water it. If we all work together, we can create a world with a beautiful bouquet of humanity spreading seeds of love, kindness, hope and compassion.

You have a choice each day to pack your kindness survival kit for your daily journey.

Someday it will seem difficult to carry and other days it may overflow. Be intentional about what you pack for your journey. Humanity needs what’s in your survival kit.

That’s the purpose of the kit, it’s meant for those around you.

“What is an ocean but a collection of single drops of water?”

–Unknown Author

From My Heart to Yours,

Iffie Jennings


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