Meet The Founder

Hey, I’m Iffie. I’m on a mission to infuse kindness back into the world.

And I need your help to do it.

If you’ve found this page, then you’ve got a big heart. You’re actively searching for a way to make the world a better place.

You and I are kindred spirits.

And I’ve got work for you to do.

(I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me backtrack.)

I started my career as a health & wellness consultant for healthcare companies. In fact, I’m very good at it. For the last 10 years in my professional career I’ve helped these companies expand their customer base and outdo their competitors.

I had my world – work, family, my faith, – and that’s all I needed to get through my day.

Then in 2018, I was laid off.

I was shocked when it happened to me. (Honestly, it was something I never thought I’d have to go through.)

But, it didn’t break me.

I drew strength from my family, my faith, my friends. They were with me for months until I found something else.

During this time, I had a chance to breathe.

To bring my head up and really look around.

What I started to notice more of was a world that I didn’t recognize anymore.

People saying rude things to each other on social media for petty reasons.

People choosing to look the other way when someone clearly needs help.

People taking their anger out on anyone who is near, and not caring about the other person’s feelings.

What’s happened to us? What has made us so cold towards each other?

I noticed this kind of behavior more and more around the world. It baffles me. I say, no more.

Our thoughts, our words, are POWERFUL. All it takes, is one kind word.

With that, I want to ask you to join me, and the rest of the Kindness Network, to spread this movement. To accept kindness within us so we can pay it forward in our homes, in our schools, at our work, and in our most important communities.

Join us!

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