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It’s not a matter of if your productivity affects your bottom line;
It’s a matter of how you will do it and get the results you want!
However you do it, do it with kindness!

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What Is kindness In Leadership?


Kind leaders not only act in the best interests of themselves but also for others and their organization. 

Why is kindness important for leaders?

Happy team of African American women working on a laptop
Happy team of African American women working on a laptop

Kind leaders think about how their people want to work, and what motivates and inspires them.

They focus on who the individual is and how they can help them become the best person they can be while acknowledging that people have a life outside of the office as well as other responsibilities 

Studies show it also increases employee performance.

Leaders are influential in modeling kindness to their staff and, when showing kindness, benefit from increased employee well-being and engagement. 

Empathy Is The Key

Research shows 90% of US workers say empathetic leadership leads to higher job satisfaction, and 79% agree it decreases employee turnover.

So, you want happier co-workers who don’t want to jump ship at the first opportunity for a new role?

Empathy is key.

The best thing about fostering kindness as a leader is that it’s completely free to do.

Sure, it can be tricky if you’re in a high-pressure situation or find yourself up against a challenging task, but if you work on creating a kinder culture every single day, it’ll soon become the norm, and your mindset will start to shift. 

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